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Health and Fitness Motivation and Inspiration! Juggling Priorities! The Ball You Should Never Drop!

Doo-doo-doodloodl-doo-doo-doo-dooo! That’s circus music and you are the juggler!!! You constantly juggle all of the aspects that make a life. Let’s say those aspects are Health-Family-Business-Finance-Social-Intellectual-spiritual. Doo-doo-doodloodl-doo-doo-doo-dooo – you have to find time for all of those to lead a balanced life.Spiritual aspects could be as simple as having a purpose to your day or you could even find a higher purpose. Intellectual aspects include learning and personal growth. Financial aspects give you the tools to do and have things. Business/career is a necessity for money and contribution. Family and partners need time and attention too – relationships are important! And without your health and fitness you are sick or dead!!! That is a lot of balls to juggle – maybe they need to be prioritised?Which one of these aspects – do you think – can have the most impact on all of the others?!? If your philosophy or religion turns out to be misguided can you choose another? If you don’t learn for a year can you learn next year? If you lose all of your money – can you earn some more? If you lose your job or business can you get another? If you lose your HEALTH AND FITNESS can you get another body?!?! NO! AND YES! WE’VE FOUND IT!The one aspect that has a direct and positive effect on all of the other aspects and the one aspect of your life that you cannot replace if you lose it is YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS!!!!!! If we lose our health and fitness we become sick, impaired or dead. If we are lucky and ACT before it goes too far we can get it back – BUT WE HAVE TO MAKE IT A PRIORITY! Why not make it a priority before it becomes one!?Considering the implications of dropping the health and fitness ball I’d make sure that my juggling routine makes health and fitness the first and foremost thing that I focus on and care for. Without you have no life!Next time you find yourself in a juggling routine – think of which ball you should never drop!