Cruise Travel Tips – 5 Ways to Save Money on Board a Cruise Ship

Cruising can be a great way to save money on your vacations, but what most people don’t think about is the price of the cruise itself is just the beginning when it comes to how much they hope you will spend. The cruise lines are happy to get you on board the ship so they can get you to pull out your wallet for drinks, purchases in the gift shops, money in the casino, shore excursions and activities, and so on. Here are 5 cruise travel tips to help you hold onto more of your money on your next cruise.1. If you are going to spend money in the casino, set a predetermined daily amount beforehand and stick to it. You can win in these casinos but not as easily or as much as you will in the ones in, say, Las Vegas. It can still be a lot of fun but keep your budgeted amount in mind and don’t go over.2. Art auctions. A lot of cruises have these, and I tend to get sucked into them for some reason. I bought about 5 pieces one time and they are still sitting in a box in the spare room. I just have never gotten around to having them framed and put up. If you have a lot of need for art, it can be a decent place to get some and the auctions are fun, but if not, try and resist this because you can spend quite a lot of money on art that can be obtained elsewhere for probably less money.3. I love to shop, and when limited to the gift shops on board the ship, that doesn’t stop me from shopping. However, I tend to spend too much for things that I definitely don’t need and probably could buy on eBay or on shore for a lot less. Sure, go ahead and pick up a few souvenirs of the ship, but don’t go “overboard.”4. Before using your cell phone on the ship, check and see what you’ll be paying per minute. Often the charges are quite high, up to around $3.00 per minute in some cases and sometimes more. Wait to go on shore to use your phone or laptop if possible.5. Many cruises now offer the choice of an “alternative” restaurant in addition to your included meals. There’s really no need to take advantage of this as it means extra money, since all your food is included in the price of your trip. However, if you hear fellow passengers giving rave reviews to the meals there, you might opt to eat one of your dinners there as a special treat. But otherwise, save your money.

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